Cavicchi Commercial Pool Tables

Diamant Billiard

The Diamant pool table is an elegant swimming pool in the Linea Commerciali, made of a sturdy metal structure with satin...

Olympico Pool Billiard

The Olympico Billiard is a professional billiard pool, with competition measure, in perfect American style and design, w...

Diamond Pool Billiard

The Diamond Pool Billiard is a professional billiard table project by Cavicchi with Made in Italy style.

New York Pool Billiard

The New York Pool Billiard is an elegant furniture-style pool table realized with four bases.

Paris Pool Billiard

The Paris Pool Billiard is a nineteenth-century French Style imported billiard of good workmanship and quality

Gotha Pool Billiard

OUT FOR PRODUCTIONThe Gotha Pool Billiard is a model of billiard table in classic style, where geometric harmonies gives...

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