Globe Classic Pool Table

With a great aesthetic impact, GLOBE CLASSIC combines design with the value of the artisan product typical of the CAVICCHI brand.The expression of its essential form is given by pure and defined volumes, which come together and blend to give the 'piece' a unique language dedicated to contemporaneity.

The strong structure in treated metal of the indicated billiard tables is also important, supporting a game plan in original Made in Italy slate of first quality rectified inside the Cavicchi to guarantee game performance and stability over the time, perfectly in keeping  the line with of all the productions that characterize the CAVICCHI Brand since 1938, leader in the sector.

Each detail is taken care with obsessive attention as the Cavicchi production referring to this fantastic design collection, is made in "single piece", so it can reply to every specific need and customization of the customer.

If necessary, GLOBE CLASSIC can be transformed into a perfect and elegant Dining table - Meetings, through the supply (optional) of a three-section lid made of Lacquered wood with the same finish as the billiard table, while keeping the charm of the billiard shape intact even in  his dress of dining table.
On request (Optional) it is possible to activate a specific retractable mechanism on the structure that allows you to position the sections of the table lid under the billiard table itself.

  • Structure in Strong Treated Metal
  • Wood Body in Lacquered Wood bicolor on request
  • Wide Pockets or intermediate on request
  • Playing Field: Rectified Slate By Cavicchi e regorously 100% made in Italy
  • Cloth: Color on choice


Playing Field  -  External Dimension
cm 220 x 110 - 258 x 148  (8 ft)
cm 254 x 127 - 292 x 165 Six Bases  (9 ft) 
Special DIMENSIONS on request.


  • Custom Table Cover in 3 sections on request.




  • Canaletto


  • Ebano


  • Foglia argento

    Foglia argento

  • Foglia argento Klimt

    Foglia argento Klimt

  • Foglia oro

    Foglia oro

  • Foglia oro Klimt

    Foglia oro Klimt

  • Noce


  • Perlato Lucido

    Perlato Lucido

  • Zebrano