Cavicchi Mistral White Pool Table

Billiards-Table of modern design

The Pool Table Cavicchi Mistral White is an original and modern Design of easy insertion in any trendy and elegant environment room.

Characteristics of Cavicchi Mistral White Pool Table

  • Structure Frame in Strong worked metal
  • Sides in oak moorish wood finish
  • Coating in white matt finish
  • Bases in Metal white matt lacquer finish
  • Large or middle reduced Pockets on choice
  • Playing Field: Rectified slate Cavicchi and rigorously 100% Made in Italy
  • Cloth: Colour on Choice 


  • Pockets padded in Leather
  • Top Wood Cover in 3 Sections in Oak moorish wood or white matt finish on choice
  • Disappearing metal structure to put the top sections under the pool table


Playing Field - Dim. External
cm 180 x   90 - 212 x 122  (6 ft) 
cm 200 x 100 - 232 x 132  (7 ft) 
cm 220 x 110 - 252 x 142  (8 ft) 
cm 254 x 127 - 286 x 159  (9 ft)  with three bases
Special DIMENSION on Request.


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