"Sinfonia" Pool Table Unique Piece in the World

Art and Design for a unique pool table

“Sinfonia” it’s the perfect synthesis between ethereal artistic conception of the lines and an avant garde technologic build. A union that allowed to this artwork unique in the world to reaching a level never reached before.

Cavicchi designed this pool table with the exclusive Boubinga Exotic Massive wood, among the finest wood in the world, that have a prolonged natural stagnation. In particular, the essence used for the organic design, which comes from an accurate research and attention from Biliardi Cavicchi that applied it in an artistic table pool for the first time in the world, boasts half a century of conservation and it allowed to generate a special accelerant “fossil” finish, together with multiple and rigorous phases of natural waxing and stabilizing, which helped to emphasize that exclusive table pool unique in the world.

Luxury billiard: SINFONIA Sense of the Art

A series of pictures and emotions during the realization of the most exclusive billiard in the World "Sinfonia"

100% Italian Style and Pruduction by Cavicchi 

Cavicchi Sinfonia Pool Table Work in Progress

Each exclusive details of Sinfonia is absolutely unique, guided and artistically created with the expert hand of " ebony...

Cavicchi Sinfonia Pool Table Esclusive Artwork Unique in the World

Sinfonia billiard is made entirely of solid exotic Bubinga wood selected among the best wood in the world with prolonged...

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