Opera Pool Billiard Tables

When the sculpture take a Exclusive Shape and turns into Opera


The Opera Billiard is a new realization of great charm and design made in Italy.

CAVICCHI OPERA billiard represents the utmost expression and concentration of researched materials, applied to an innovative project where everything is special and accurate in each detail.

IVORY-WHITE PEARLY LACQUERING (hue presented by the major automotive manufacturers for the launch of the new high quality models);

FULL-BODIED METAL BASES, with design “Point of Sabre“ stamp-stylized and Cavicchi project design, treated as natural metal with simple polishing, or in black LACQUERING, and/or in the same colour on request or in POLISHED STEEL , GUNMETAL FINITURE.

POCKETS: Very elegant, with a great design, completely coated with true REPTILE SKIN with hand-made SEAMS with an INNOVATIVE DESIGN, drawn inside the lacquered frame of the cushions to create a fabulous outline which can be seen in the plan and is intriguing as well as of a great aesthetic impact.

BALL POINTS, technically called “Diamonds“ embedded on the cushions, with a particular and refined rhomboidal form in true MOTHER-OF-PEARL.

Original Italian SLATE PLATE, ground in our factories and always made in just THREE SECTIONS adjustable one by one (..not as one piece only); like for all important manufactures of professional sporting billiards.

This is determining to reach a perfect leveling on site and optimize it to the best.

The (optional) plan of a PIECE OF FURNITURE of great design, OPERA MADIATECNO, is fabulous as well, and useful not just to contain the table covers in 4 sections: a true equipped wall with an electronic control stands out of it and it is there that the, cues, which are lacquered too, are shown together with all types of balls and a digital score-keeper.

OPERA POOL BILLIARD (Standard Dimension)
Playing Field Dimension: 220x110 cm
External Dimension: 258 x 148 cm ( 8ft )
Special Dimension: On Request

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