Mediatecno Tablet/Hi-fi Classico

Luxury and innovation for the game of billiards

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A whimsical electronic furniture piece Madiatecno Tablet / HI-FI Classic is a real complement of design and luxury, equipped with a fascinating electronic mechanism, even with remote control, which allows you to hide inside a real equipped wall to the game in addition to a comfortable compartment to carefully store the billiards coverage plans.

Madiatecno Tablet / HI-FI is featured with the innovative HI-FI system and Tablet PC multimedia ideal for:

  • manage the game score through an application created specifically for the various billiard disciplines
  • view images or videos
  • listen to your favorite music in the highest quality

Characteristics of Mediatecno Tablet/Hi-fi Classico

Finely crafted finishes, fine woods and other custom finishes, combined with high-quality polished or satin-finished steel elements that make this a truly prestigious piece for your home.

Width: 160 cm
Depth: 51 cm
Closed Height: 102 cm
Height with balls: 127 cm
Height with balls+cues: 168 cm

Wood Lacquer Finishes
  • Canaletto

  • Ebano

  • Foglia argento

  • Foglia argento Klimt

  • Foglia marina

  • Foglia oro

  • Foglia oro Klimt

  • Noce

  • Perlato Lucido

  • Zebrano


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