Billiard Furniture Madiatecno

Electronic furniture for the game of billiards

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Electronic furniture whimsical furnishings, Madiatecno is a true design and luxurious complement, with a fascinating electronic mechanism, also with remote control, which allows you to hide inside a real wall system to the game, as well as a handy compartment to store with care coverage plans supplied with the billiard-table Opera Design.

Characteristics of Billiard Furniture Madiatecno

The billiard's furniture Madiatecno is extreme cured finishes, perlescent lacquers or other custom finishes, combined with elements of high-quality black crystal make this addition a prestigious piece. It's a true innovation in the wide world of design pool tables.

Width: 160 cm
Depth: 51 cm
Closed Height: 120 cm 
Height with balls: 127 cm
Height with balls+cues: 168 cm

Wood Lacquer Finishes
  • Canaletto

  • Ebano

  • Foglia argento

  • Foglia argento Klimt

  • Foglia marina

  • Foglia oro

  • Foglia oro Klimt

  • Noce

  • Perlato Lucido

  • Zebrano


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