Canossa Epoque Billiard Pool Table 6-8 bases

Billiard table for Russian pyramid

Canossa Epoque billiard-table, special version for the Russian Pyramid, is caracterized by a solid wood structure, with  silk effect , Shabby Lacquer on customization that give to the Canossa  Epoque billiard Version all the refinement of the Provence Style.
Ideal for the elegant e researched environments in each minimun detail where the Cavicchi Epoque billiard is inserted with romance and personality.

Characteristics of Canossa Epoque Billiard 6-8 six bases

Characterized by elegant bases with onion design, Canossa Epoque Billiard is a Russian Pyramid billiard and is provided in special increased dimension with six or eight bases.
Canossa Epoque Billiard is equipped with a multi-section cover for the transformation in a dinner or meeting table (on request).



Playing Field  -  Dim. External
cm 254 x 127 - 294 x 167    (9 ft)  with six bases
cm 284 x 142 - 319 x 177  (10 ft)  with six or eight bases
cm 320 x 160 - 355 x 195  (11 ft)  with eight bases

Special DIMENSION on request. 


Request the rendering of "Your" Custom pool table.



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