We make billiards since 1938

The prestigious history of Cavicchi the World Champion billiard is a long road paved with work and effort, which over the years has accompanied the family to grow exponentially Cavicchi reaping rewards and success, affirming its leadership in the Italian market initially, and then see their brand is recognized throughout the world as synonymous with excellence in the billiards Made in Italy.

The company was founded in 1938 by Ugo Cavicchi, man-decorated and with great intuition, the Cavicchi Billiards start your own business. Passed down from father to son over the years through several generations, the company has grown both in terms of size and technological research by making improvements to its range of products bringing it to the highest professional level.

Over time the study and application technology have allowed Cavicchi Billiards of becoming a real reference point within the billiards sport obtaining official recognition by FIBIS (Italian Federation of Billiard Sports), becoming a 3-time Champion World and seeing their billiards sports used in all major sporting events both nationally and internationally.

Today all the experience, creativity and craftsmanship accumulated over many years of working in the environment of professional billiards have been exploited by the "Centre for Studies and Projects" that the billiard Cavicchi, driving under the aegis of the arch. Giancarlo Cavicchi had a new and definitive impulse that led him to make a new range of billiards Exclusive and design. It is of excellent quality billiard tables, designed and intended to be housed in private settings such as pieces of furniture from the absolutely unique character, but without neglecting the quality of the performance of the game, featuring all the billiard Cavicchi World Champions.