Luxury and technology: the combination of the best billiards brand

The Cavicchi World Champion  billiard  brand has established itself worldwide as one of the excellence of Made in Italy, for his talent, his genius , the study and design of billiards in creating luxury and fine craftsmanship.

Cavicchi has become, over the years, the brand 's flagship , thanks to the quality of billiards made ​​. Established itself as a company that produces the best billiards sports, in recent years has raised the price of its brand by combining the traditional production sports an exclusive line of luxury billiards.

Thanks to years of experience and the desire of the dowels to meet the needs of customers who require more and more to adapt to the various billiards room of the house, the company has diversified its production of billiard tables, soccer tables and furnishing accessories in general, and has added to our catalog products and luxurious design. This need to harmonize the billiards and furnishings make by Cavicchi brand in multiple locations, usually decorated in a modern and refined, gave the impetus to the brand new creative avenues to follow, not to mention the design, elegance, modernity and technology.

The customers of Cavicchi brand have always expressed the desire to decorate their home with a pool exclusive , but having limited space , they needed a little bulky or billiards which are suited to furnishing: have been so splendid examples of tables that turn into billiards, tables that do not lose their elegance and taste.