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Art of elite modern and technological billiard made in Italy

Professionalism, competence, a building technique which has already been transmitted from father to son for three generations, make Cavicchi’s billiards instruments of grat value, true masterpieces desired by all professionals and lovers of this sport. It is also plan, project, it is also design, style, trend, so ad to meet all requirements of furniture billiards with elegant and harmonius or lively and captivating lines.

Moreover, Cavicchi’s research and design center does its best in the manufacture of highest levels billiards, thus expressing at the utmost degree its abilities and competences, to create really unique pieces, in complete symbiosis with the client.

All billiards, furnishings and accessories Cavicchi the World Champion billiard brand are made with cutting-edge technologies which over the years have led to its great success in the world. Masterpieces of design and technology, made unique pieces that are chosen to decorate the most beautiful villas in the world.

Since 1938, Cavicchi Billiards is a leading brand in the production of professional billiards, artistic and design, advanced technology.

Thanks to investments targeted and selective, the company is equipped with machines robotic executions for very high precision, quality, and performance of the game. The high quality feature all Cavicchi productions, the excellence of Made in Italy in the world.

The design of Cavicchi billiards

In this video, we propose the most important steps and fascinating of artistic workmanship and design of luxury billiard Cavicchi. in particular, in these images we focus on the implementation of the bases of billiards and football Opera Exclusive model.

Each piece of the table is worked individually, in a traditional way, following the tradition of the original method. This type of processing kicks in and makes the billiard Cavicchi mark of true works of art of great design, unique and exclusive pieces.

The billiards top of the range, exclusive, edited and finished in every detail, created by the architect's pencil Cavicchi, are able to meet the demands of a sophisticated and demanding guests, where the refinement and design are at the base of their choice.