Pool Table Dimensions and Pool Table Room Dimensions

The environment dimensions to accommodate a pool table in a private home is very often a question that is asked to us and which needs to be answered clearly; we have therefore created a simple and direct scheme that answers the most frequently questions:

Do I have enough space to put a pool table in my basement / living room / loft / attic?

How much play space do you need for the cue around the pool table?

What size of billiards to choose?

List of the best and important producers of billiards made in Italy?

Example: Billiards playing field cm 220 x 110 (8ft) Calculation

Billiards external length: 252 cm + 260 cm (sum of cue space).

Total = 512 cm

Billiard external width: 142 cm + 260 cm (sum of cue space).

Total = 402 cm

Where necessary we supply 1 or 2 shorter slats in order to significantly reduce the ambient space.