Reunion tables

Exclusive furniture for offices and business centers

Although not the core business of Cavicchi company, in recent years, it has increased the demand for reunion tables. The demand has grown because Cavicchi provides high customization of the tables, while maintaining high quality standards. Reunion tables fancy design, ideal for boardrooms of excellence.

Crystal Tennis Table Ping Pong Meeting

Crystal  Exclusive  Tennistable  100%   made   in   Italy,   Cavicchi   patent,   It’s  one  of  the highest expressions...

Meeting table

Wonderful Meeting Table.

Reunion Table Luxor Wengè

The line of this table meeting is very fine and is also suitable for the decoration of offices classy.

Meeting Table Set Opera

The Table Reunion Set Opera is a beautiful table that turns into a pool table. This model is adaptable to any environmen...

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