Commercial Billiard's Chandeliers

Wonderful chandeliers for classic design billiard

To complete the furnishing of pool tables made by Cavicchi, the company also produces the wonderful Commercial Billiard's Chandeliers. This chandeliers are customizable and adaptable to different types of furniture.

Matilde Chandelieur

Classic Style Chandelieus, Ideal for illuminating the Game Field of Your Pool

Cromoline Chandelier

The Cromoline Chandelier is a refined design light that design that fits easily with the modern furnishings of the rooms...

Chrome Chandelier

The Chrome Chandelier with three or four bells is a polished chrome metal frame and chrome-plated bells. A simple model ...

Metal Bells Chandelier

The Metal Bells Chandelier with 4 bells is a¬†plated and crystal model. This chandelier¬†has bells made ‚Äč‚Äčof metal and gla...

Brushed Steel bells Chandelier

The Brushed Steel Chandelier in three or four bells in brushed steel is one of the most popular theaters in which you pl...

Brushed Steel Chandelier with 3 or 4 bells

The Brushed Steel Chandelier is available in 3 or 4 bells in brass with brass rod. This chandelier for billiard is adap...

Cristal Chandelier

The Cristal Chandelier is a light modern, well-designed, capable of illuminating in the best way any model of pool table...

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