Opera Madia Lacquered Closet

Technological furniture with refined design

The Opera Madia Lacquered Closet is a piece of furniture of great design and technologically advanced. It is a cis a true design and luxurious complement, with a fascinating electronic mechanism, also with remote control, which allows you to hide inside a real wall system to the game, as well as a handy compartment to store with care coverage plans supplied with the billiard-table mod. Opera Design.

MadiaTecno Tablet / HI-FI

Electronic furniture whimsical furnishings, Madiatecno Tablet / HI-FI is a true design and luxurious complement, with a ...


The "F1 SCUDERIA" Madia Opera Complements  Ferrari ispired is a handy container for storing cues and billiard balls. A w...

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