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All luxury billiards and exclusive soccer tables by made Cavicchi

Cavicchi, company leader in the production of billiards luxury and design, presents a catalog with many models of billiard tables, billiard tables convertible into, kicks and furnishings, in different versions: billiards exclusive line, line design, stylish line, commercial line and sporting line.

All products manufactured by Cavicchi are unique pieces, made with care for each individual customer products are not mass produced, but by the hands of skilled artisans of wood. For this reason, all the kicks billiards and furnishings Cavicchi brand are customizable, adaptable to the tastes and needs of the client or the needs of furnishing style of the environments in which it is set.

To know all the lines of billiards by Cavicchi download the catalog.

The catalog includes images processed at high resolution, which is why the process of downloading the file may take a few minutes (the time depends on the download speed of your line). This choice was dictated by the desire to restore quality images which allow us to grasp the quality of the achievements by Cavicchi brand.