Realization of custom billiards

The realization of custom billiards is one of the main and most appreciated activities company Cavicchi Billiards, a leading company in the billiard industry based in Reggio Emilia. 

Realization of custom billiards

The quality in the customization of billiards

Custom billiards made by the craftsmen of the company, true masters of the handmade processes, are exclusive products and unique pieces that will furnish the best and make it even more elegant the surrounding environment. The proposed billiards, in fact, are not simple pool tables, but they represent the excellence and value of the made in Italy. The technicians of Cavicchi realize custom billiards tailored to the customer, true and proper design masterpieces, featuring furnishings and unique decorations that make the product even more exclusive and refined. Custom billiards produced by Cavicchi highlight the best forms and elegance of the product, going to meet any possible customization request.

Custom billiards for luxury lovers

For the creation of custom billiards, Cavicchi relies especially to those who are looking for exclusive billiards, one of a kind, ideal for decorating the home and the domestic environment, and of course to have fun with one of the most famous sport in the world. The billiard, with personalized touches, aims to stand out and be the true focus of the room. Custom billiards made from Cavicchi find their perfect placement by fans and experts of the game, who are constantly looking for valuable pieces for enriching the collection.

More information about the realization of custom billiards?

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