Customization billiard tables

The customization of billiard tables is one of the most appreciated services by users who rely on the experience of Cavicchi Biliardi, a company active on the billiard market since 1983, synonymous with excellence and quality made in Italy. The customization of the billiard tables of Cavicchi reincarnates the creativity and genius of the artisans of the company, which are able to create real masterpieces from a simple piece of wood. Cavicchi Biliardi is specialized not only in the customization of billiard tables, but also in the sale of luxury billiards, sporting and commercial billiard.

Customization billiard tables

Custom billiards as a piece of furniture

Thanks to the careful personalization service of billiard tables and the propensity to constantly meet all customer needs, Cavicchi Biliardi is a reality that more and more users are turning for the purchase and customization of a billiard. The billiards branded Cavicchi are perfect ideal for all the environments furnished in a modern and refined key, turning into points of reference on which the eye is placed as soon as you cross the threshold.

The craftsmanship of our artisans

More information about the customization of billiard tables?

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