Realization commercial billiards

Billiard Cavicchi is a leading company in the realization of commercial billiards, which are characterized on the market compared to other types of billiards, thanks to their modern and essential line. The billiards of the Commercial line are able to combine the quality of materials, the important performance and overt elegance. 

Realization commercial billiards

Where to put a commercial billiard?

The Cavicchi Billiard artisans have the ability to realize billiards of all kinds, which represent a real work of art that has to be displayed and showed in a domestic context, and beyond. Commercial billiards for private and public environments, realized by the company, in fact, are ideal in order to be used by individual users within their own homes and commercial realities, such as bars and pubs, which are looking for pieces of furniture in order to complete the interior and at the same time, a game that manages to attract more and more customers.

The Made in Italy billiards Cavicchi in the world

Thanks to the realization of commercial billiards, today, Billiard Cavicchi represents a real point of reference worldwide in the billiard industry Made in Italy. In addition to the realization of of billiards, the company's craftsmen are true masters in the processing of wood, thanks to which they can create custom billiards with absolutely exceptional finishes. Today the commercial billiards of Cavicchi are available in many realities, which have chosen to rely on the exclusive quality of the real Made in Italy.

Realizzazione biliardi commerciali

Commercial billiards as a piece of furniture

The realization of commercial billiard with an elegant character and refined style, allows the final user to buy not a simple "toy" but a real piece of sophisticated furniture that gives even more personality to the surrounding. The commercial billiards branded Cavicchi, finally, have the ability to bring out the whole environment, going to meet any possible customization request.

More information about the realization of commercial billiards?

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