Custom billiard tables

The Italian company Cavicchi starts his activity in 1938 with the production of professional and sporting billiards. Then the production is expanded and now Cavicchi the World Champion billiard proposes also luxury, exclusive, design billiards and custom billiard tables.

Who buys the custom billiard tables?

Custom billiard tables

The most exclusive Cavicchi billiards are designed, made and finished in every particular by the arch. Cavicchi with the purpose of make unique pieces of furniture and gaming tables. Cavicchi proposes different line of custom billiard tables for enthusiasts, mainly purchased from:

  • Enthusiasts and collectors
  • Lovers of the game of billiards
  • Sportsmen

In which environments place a pool table?

The custom billiard tables are a piece of furniture which you can buy also to beautify the environment of a house or of a club, for example a bar or a pub. The customization of the billiards for clubs and houses is an important service for Cavicchi Billiards who decided to create and develop products that the customer can places in every environment, for example space-saving billiards or billiards that turn into tables.

The technology of custom billiard tables

In the Cavicchi billiards, the luxury and the design are combined with the technology, both design technology and production technology. Indeed, the custom billiard tables with cutting-edge technologies are made by CNC machines robotic for very high precision and quality manufacture. Furthermore, the billiard production technology allows to obtain tables from substantial gaming horsepower, a feature required especially by those who practice the sport of billiards at high levels.

More information about the custom billiard tables?

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