Home billiard table

The production of billiard tables requires mastery and precision and the Italian Cavicchi company has always been specialized in creating high quality billiards. The production, initially focused on sporting and professional billiards, today presents several lines of billiard tables, also a particular product for the home environment: the home billiard table.

Home billiard table

Where to place a home billiard table?

The billiard table is available in varied sizes, so it can be placed in homes with large spaces but also in more content living rooms. Cavicchi suggests different types of home billiard table:

  • pool table for indoor
  • pool table for exterior


Some of the home billiard tables models for outdoor use can be placed in the garden, perhaps under a gazebo, without concern for the weather and UV rays which could ruin them, because they are characterized by a special durable paint for exterior and a wooden structure treated to resist to changes in temperature and humidity.

Home billiard tables as symbol of style

Wherever you want to place a pool table, it will become an exclusive furnishing for the home thanks to the sophistication that characterizes all the billiard products by Cavicchi. Each customer can choose the home billiard table with elegant finishes that best fits the style of the environment, from Exclusive Billiard, modern and exclusive models, to Sporting Billiards.

Home billiard tables

How is the home billiard table structured?

To meet the needs of customers who want a table and a billiard table, Cavicchi conceived a solution that would combine the requests. The home billiard table with coverage consisting of:

  • Pool table with the playing field
  • Removable outer cover

In this way the billiard table becomes a solution for the game even for those who do not have a space in which to place the single billiard.

More information about the home billiard table?

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