Billiards factory

The billiard is a game with very ancient origins that today is also practiced in sports tournaments and championships. In Italy, the Cavicchi billiards factory proposes different types of billiard tables, sporting professional and luxury billiard that can be placed in the exclusive and sophisticated locations.

History of Cavicchi billiards factory

The Cavicchi Billiards activity started in 1938 with Ugo Cavicchi and the artisanal manufacture of sporting and professional billiards. Later the family business of billiards factory, passed down through generations, it has grown in both size and in technological research and has developed high-end sporting billiards and several sets of luxury billiard that could also become unique pieces of furniture and not just table playing. Today the Cavicchi billiards enclose the experience, creativity and skills of professional craftsmen who still engaged in the production handling the details of each product.

Billiards factory

Cavicchi, Italian billiards factory in the world

The Cavicchi Italian billiards factory conducts its production activity in Guastalla, one of the main towns in the province of Reggio Emilia, located in the Po Valley on the border with Lombardy. The seat of billiard Made in Italy manufacturing is located in Northern Italy but the company has internationally and globally expanded. In fact, Cavicchi sells and exports its billiards from Los Angeles to Tokyo, in major cities around the world, from America to Asia. The pool tables are required in cities abroad by individuals and enthusiasts of the game but also for sporting competitions.

Features of billiards manufacturing

Cavicchi is a technological and design billiard factory that pays close attention to details in designing and manufacturing of billiard tables. To create real unique pieces of furniture for homes or locals, the company combines:

  • High-quality materials, especially for luxury billiards
  • Machine with precision technologies for sporting billiard
  • Mastery of artisans and professionals Cavicchi

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