Billiards without holes

The Cavicchi Billiards company deals with the production of luxury billiard tables of any kind, designed and built with attention to details and quality of the materials. Among the various lines of products there are also billiards without holes, tables used to play all the Italian billiard specialties.

Specific features of billiards without holes

Depending on the presence of small pins, from five to nine, the quantity of balls and the goal of the game, there are various specialty of Italian billiards. Each of these game specialties needs billiard without holes of different sizes. The size of the playing field is usually 284x142 cm but the external dimensions of the table depend on the structure and the applied decorations. There are also special productions in which are used special materials such as rosewood wood or mahogany and walnut coatings.

Accessories for billiards without holes

In addition to the selection of billiards, Cavicchi offers a wide range of accessories for billiards without holes and other tables, including small bowling kits, balls and more. For example, there are special bowling kits for luxury billiards, perfect as a gift for a passionate of the game. You can also purchase these articles in the online shop of accessories for billiards.

Used billiard without holes

Used International Billiard without holes

The company offers used billiards without holes, secured and perfected by Cavicchi after a careful verification of the conditions. The wide range of tables proposed includes billiards tables of different styles, classic, Baroque, modern, and with different characteristics, for example competition and regulatory measures or thermal plant to heat the playing field. The used billiard without holes are an excellent solution for those looking for a billiard table for Italian billiards specialties at a reasonable cost.

More information about the billiards without holes?

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