Billiard for sporting competitions

Cavicchi, the industry leader in Billiards for sporting competitions, offers a diverse catalog of pool tables and accessories for gaming halls and private customers.

Where to use billiards for sporting competitions?

Thanks to the reputation that Cavicchi has built over the years, the technologically advanced structure, the quality of the products combined with unquestionable practicality and intuition, Cavicchi's billiard tables are the most used in Italian and international tournaments. Billiards are produced with a manic caution to the regulatory parameters and product standards, making them so suitable to be used in every official event. Nevertheless, you can customize the Cavicchi billiard tables also in different sizes to meet every customer's needs. 

The benefits of buying a billiards for sporting competitions

The Cavicchi billiards for sporting competitions is made with state-of-the-art technology and is an example of practicality and quality. This reason, coupled with timely deliveries and the ability to customize the pool table measures, has led to success in the domestic and international market of Cavicchi. 

What services does Cavicchi offer for sports billiards?

Billiards for sporting competitions are the specialty of the company Cavicchi. Production starts with a precise design: Cavicchi’s research and design center seeks to meet every market demand through the use of state-of-the-art quality materials and technologies. Billiards for sporting competitions are unique custom pieces tailored to the customer's needs. In Cavicchi's online shop you can buy a billiards for sporting competitions, as well as bargain billiards and bargains on offer this month, some used billiards and billiards show occasions.

Information about billiards for sporting competitions?

If you are looking for more information about Cavicchi billiards for sporting competitions, contact us now by filling out the form on the Contacts page!