Billiard cues on offer

In Cavicchi's online shop, "the world champion billiard", you can find bargains and commercial billiards on offer this month, some billiards used, as well as show billiards, billiard cues on offer and other excellent accessories. 

For which disciplines are Cavicchi cues suitable?

Gorizia, Carambola, 5 pins and American Pool are just a few of the disciplines for which Cavicchi offers a wide range of excellent billiard cues, made from high quality woodworking and using modern and shiny paintings. Cavicchi's billiard cues are also suitable for amateur and professional gaming, ensuring high reliability and performance.

Some billiard cues on offer available on Cavicchi's online shop are:


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Learn more about billiard cues on offer?

If you need more technical information about the billiard cues on offer, fill in the form on the Contacts page. Our technicians are at your disposal for questions and doubts.