Sale of home billiards

From 1938 the company Biliardi Cavicchi the World Champion billiard produces billiard tables. Made in Italy quality products are sold worldwide thanks to their design, technology and practicality. The sale of billiards is divided into different types of products according to the customer's needs, game regulation, space and other variables. The sale, initially focused on sports billiards and professional billiards, today has several billiard table lines including a particular home-based product, has played a central role in the business of selling home billiards.

Why buy a home billiard?

The reasons to take advantage of the sale of home billiards from Cavicchi are many. First of all, unlike a traditional billiard is less cumbersome and suitable even for those who live in small houses. Cavicchi's home billiard, in fact, turns into a few simple steps to a table in all respects. Secondly, it will become an exclusive home decor with elegant finishes, for example, of Cavicchi Exclusive Billiards.

More information about home billiards sale?

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