Transformable billiards sale

Are you looking for a design billiard table that makes it possible to embellish the environment, quickly transforming it into a dining table or dinner table? Cavicchi proposes the sale of tables transformable into different styles and customizable according to the customer's request to ensure the uniqueness of the products.

To whom is the sale of transformable billiards?

The sale of transformable billiards is for anyone who wants to set up a pool table internally or externally, without having a dedicated space. If placed internally, the Cavicchi transformable billiards make the ambience refined and give a touch of class. Outside, however, they can be placed in the garden or under an arcade thanks to the resistance of the materials and paint used for the finishes.

Cavicchi Design Billiards Tables

Cavicchi Design Billiards Tables category is dedicated to the sale of indoor and outdoor transformable billiards. Cavicchi’s research and design center is every day working to improve and perfect the design of these tables that are real works of art. Some examples of billiard tables in the Cavicchi Superior line:

More information about transformable billiards sale?

For more information on the sale of transformable billiards, fill out the form on the Contacts page. Our technicians are at your disposal for questions and doubts.