Sale of Boiserie

Complete your interiors with exclusive furnishings

Cavicchi Interior designs, manufactures and sells exclusive boiserie, which is the result of an accurate and exceptional design, also thanks to unique stylistic choices and the use of refined materials. The company creates furnishing accessories for various types of luxury environments, especially those designed for the most exclusive entertainment, but not only. The brand is part of Biliardi Cavicchi, a company that has been a leader for over 80 years in the production of handcrafted luxury billiards with an exceptional attention to detail; these values are also passionately conveyed in the Interior.

The prestigious characteristics of the boiserie

The boiseries proposed by Cavicchi Interior follow precise requirements of attention to construction, precision of details and aesthetic care, in order to offer an exclusive luxury tailored to the needs of the customer and of the environments where the boiseries will be installed. Each item is designed by our designers according to contemporary design rules and standards,  combining aesthetic refinement and functionality with an exceptional ease of use. The boiseries are handmade and Made in Italy, using the best and most refined materials.

Cavicchi Interior offers different types of boiserie - which can obviously be customised in terms of materials, tones and dimensions. They can also be equipped with accessories to make them even more unique and comfortable. We find for example the boiserie: 

Which settings are they designed for?

The luxury design boiseries proposed and sold by Cavicchi Interior are an excellent solution to complete your exclusive interiors, especially those dedicated to entertainment and relaxation, such as:

  • Lounges and living rooms, with a unique and personal style;
  • Games Room for a more exclusive entertainment;
  • Poker Room, for playing poker in total comfort and relaxation, without giving up anything;
  • Cigar Room, designed and created for total comfort and relaxation.

More information about boiserie

If you need more information about the boiserie, do not hesitate to send us your questions and requests using the form in the contact section. We will be happy to answer as soon as possible.