Games for playrooms

Have fun in an exclusive way

Are you looking for the most exclusive way to exploit a room and have you thought of dedicating it to games, relaxation and fun? Cavicchi Interior is specialised in the design and realisation of solutions for luxury interiors. For this reason, it designs and sells games for luxurious and exclusive games rooms, designed and built with extreme attention to every detail, with refined materials and modern design solutions that fully meet the standards of contemporary luxury. These are truly personal tailor-made solutions, enriched by the presence of the best indoor games, in terms of functionality and design.

The must-have games

Obviously the choice of games is very personal and depends on tastes, passions and on the way you want to relax or entertain. The company is specialised in designing and supplying games that have a contemporary, functional and fun design. One of Cavicchi Interior's main objectives is to make the customer live a real 360° experience, a complete lifestyle conceived in every detail. Of course, entertainment is always at the centre. The gaming experience must be guaranteed and lived to the fullest - which is why the study of the spaces is so fundamental. Afterwards, we choose different furniture surfaces and, consequently, the necessary furnishings and accessories. Among the various games that can be chosen we find:

  • Billiards, in its various specialities, the flagship of Cavicchi billiards production, also in its variations as table billiards.
  • Table football, one of Italy's favourite games, now also a design and furnishing element.
  • The poker table, for relaxing and challenging entertainment.

The unique features of the games room

Cavicchi Interior designs Games Rooms for the most exclusive entertainment and the most luxurious and comfortable relaxation. The rooms are designed from scratch, starting from the existing environment, so that every detail can be carefully considered. In fact, a precise and accurate study of the spaces is necessary to ensure that every game and every accessory is positioned in the right place and can be used in the most functional and pleasant way. Only in this way is it possible to create carefully designed environments, from the surfaces to the furnishings, accessories, lighting and toys.

Ask us more

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