Professional soccer table

Table football is a very old game

Its origin is ancient, the information available on the birth of table football is very contradictory. It seems to have been born in Germany in the 1920s with the intention of bringing the game of football to a table. Today, table football is a very popular and practiced game all over the world.

Table football is a great way to spend time with family or friends. It is a very fun and competitive game that can be played by everyone. You don't need to be a great football player to do this: you just need a little coordination and strength in your arms.

Table football: professional or economical?

Table football is one of the most loved games by Italians and choosing the right model is important to be able to play at your best. Foosball tables can be divided into two main categories: professional foosball tables and cheap ones.

Professional foosball tables are generally more expensive but offer better quality and performance. The professional table football tables are made by Cavicchi in high-quality materials and are equipped with all the necessary features to play at their best. In addition, professional foosball tables are generally larger and heavier than cheap foosball tables and therefore require more space to be placed.

Table Football: Cavicchi's design table

The table soccer professional will choose Cavicchi.

Cavicchi manufactures different table models for table football:

- Opera
- Linear

The football table can be equipped with various features, such as carrying handles, height-adjustable feet, and wheels. The carrying handles are useful for moving the table from one place to another. The height-adjustable feet are useful for adjusting the height of the table according to the preferences of the players. The wheels are useful for moving the table from one place to another and for easier transport.

More information

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