Furniture foosball table

Made in Italy furniture foosball table with exclusive design 

A furniture foosball table is a perfect solution for those who want a game room in their own home. They are generally larger and heavier versions than the classic table football, but equally fun and exciting and, above all, ideal to give a personal touch to the home or office. Cavicchi football table furniture are made of fine materials and embellished with design elements that make them real pieces of furniture. They are ideal for those who love football and want to spend pleasant evenings in the company of friends or family, but also for those who want to furnish the office or other types of environments, both in classic and modern style.

How to choose a furniture foosball table?

Furniture foosball tables are an ideal choice for those who want to add a touch of style to their home or office. However, given the variety of proposals and models on the market, choosing the right model may not be so simple. To find the most suitable football table for your needs, you will need to consider, first of all, the space available. Soccer tables produced by Cavicchi are available in different sizes, to best adapt to any need and any environment. 

Secondly, you will have to think about aesthetics and design, also according to the style and characteristics of the room, the furniture and the furnishing accessories present and the type of atmosphere you would like to create. Cavicchi offers different models of soccer tables fully customizable according to your needs to your taste: among the different proposals of furniture foosball tables you can find the perfect model and tailored to your home or office.

A wide choice of soccer tables to furnish your home

Cavicchi furniture foosball tables are designed to combine the pleasure of the game with the art and design of typical Italian taste. In the online shop you can find a wide choice of football table furniture, all handcrafted in Italy with fine materials and high quality and attention to every detail, to offer customers elegant pieces of furniture with an unmistakable design. Among the different models of furniture foosball tables you can find: 

  • Opera soccer tables, characterized by unique lines and precious design, perfect to give a touch of sophistication and elegance to your environments. They can be made with different materials and customized as desired in the finishes;  
  • Linear soccer tables, with clean, simple and essential lines and the characteristic square shape, perfect both for playing and as furnishing accessories for environments of great style. 

More information about furniture foosball tables?

To have more information about furniture foosball tables or other products offered by Biliardi Cavicchi, do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff will answer you as soon as possible!