Regulation billiard table

Regulation billiard tables made entirely in Italy 

The regulation billiard table is a pool table used for official competitions. The choice of a high-quality regulation pool table is important for those who play pool at a professional level and need a table suitable for competitions. On the market, in fact, you can find many types and models of billiard tables, but they are only suitable for playing at amateur level. 

If you are a professional, you want a pool table to use for official competitions or you just want to train to play on a table with the same size as the pool tables used by the best players in the world, you’ll have to choose a regulation pool table. Biliardi Cavicchi offers a wide choice of regulation billiard tables, entirely made in Italy with high quality products and customizable according to your needs. 

How to choose a regulation billiard table?

First, to choose a regulation billiard table, you will need to consider the size of the table and the actual space available. The pool table, in fact, should be large enough to allow all players to move freely around the table, but not too large to make the game difficult. Regulation pool tables typically have a playing field size of 284 x 142 cm and external dimensions of 319 x 168 (10 ft), but Cavicchi also makes sporting billiards of different sizes to meet any need. 

Secondly, you will also have to consider the quality of the materials with which the table is made because it will affect the durability of the table and its wear resistance. All the tables proposed by Cavicchi are made respecting precise quality characteristics, using first choice materials to ensure high playing performance and a long life. 

What types of regulation billiards does Cavicchi offer?

Cavicchi offers a wide choice of sporting billiards made in full compliance with the parameters regulatory standard, which are used for official competitions and in the most important billiards tournaments at national and international level. The particular technological construction and the qualitative characteristics that distinguish them make Cavicchi billiards a perfect example of functionality, practicality and high Italian quality. You can choose between different models, such as: 

  • Evolution billiard, a professional heat model for competition, with a structure with eight bases and a design with modern and essential lines, used exclusively by the Italian Federation of Billiards (FIBIS) for all tests BTP; 
  • Rosanna billiard, a professional pool table signed by the world champion Giampiero Rosanna, made with an anti-deformation lamellar structure and thermal system incorporated; 
  • Grand Match PS billiard, approved for world, European and Italian championships and requested by the greatest champions of the sport; 
  • Super Lem billiard, is a thermal billiard for competitions with a slate playing surface rectified in an exclusive way and three types of wood (zebrano, rosewood and walnut). 

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