Pool table online shopping

Exclusive design and high quality online pool tables 

Are you looking for an online pool table? Biliardi Cavicchi is a company with a long experience in the production of sporting and professional online pool tables, all made with high quality materials and attention to detail, to ensure high gaming performance and a perfect aesthetic. Over the years Cavicchi has gradually expanded the production and offer of pool tables online shopping, and also offers several lines of luxury pool tables, real design elements and furniture, ideal for elegantly furnishing the most exclusive environments. 

A wide selection of online pool tables

Cavicchi offers a wide choice of online pool tables, entirely manufactured in Italy, made according to precise qualitative characteristics and with carefully selected materials, designed to combine gaming performance and design. All billiard models available online are customizable according to customer needs, both in terms of size, the type of materials and colors of the structure and the playing cloth. Among the different models of online billiard tables you can find: 

  • Exclusive modern pool tables, created using precious materials and technological constructs of the highest quality standard, with different possibilities of finishes and customizations; 
  • Exclusive classic pool tables, clean and elegant lines; 
  • Superior pool tables with a refined design, ideal for refined environments and with a strong artistic imprint; 
  • commercial billiards, functional and with essential lines but always of the highest quality; 
  • billiards pool tables, design elements and furniture that can be comfortably transformed into dining tables or study tables depending on the need. 

How to choose the pool table?

​​Choosing a suitable and good quality pool table is essential to ensure good gaming performance and have a durable product. There are several factors to consider when choosing the pool table. First, you will need to evaluate the space available: the table, in fact, must be large enough to allow the game, but not too large to occupy all the available space. To find the best pool table you will also need to consider: 

  • the materials with which it is made, which must be of high quality, robust and designed to ensure maximum functionality and resistance to wear and pressure play; 
  • the level of play: depending on the type of use you can opt for billiard tables for amateur, professional or suitable for national and international level billiards - like all sporting billiards proposed by Cavicchi; 
  • the design that will have to adapt to the style of the furniture and other furnishing accessories of the environment in which it will be placed. Depending on your tastes and the atmosphere you want to create, you can choose pool tables with classic, elegant and refined lines, or billiards with a more modern and essential design. 

Do you need more information?

For more information on pool table online shopping or other products offered by Biliardi Cavicchi, contact us! Our staff is always at your disposal to advise you on the most suitable solutions for your needs.