Pool dining table

Pool tables that turn into dining tables 

A dining pool table is the ideal choice for those who love to play billiards and want to do it in style, but at the same time looking for a functional and versatile table, which can be transformed into a dining table if necessary. These tables are suitable for luxury billiard rooms but also for domestic environments and, depending on the needs, can be placed in different rooms of the house. Cavicchi dining tables are characterized by an elegant design and attention to detail, which is perfectly suited to any environment. 


All transformable billiard tables are made of high quality materials and fine wood and are equipped with a robust structure, which makes them durable over time. Cavicchi pool tables are unique and exclusive pieces and can be customized as desired according to the needs of each customer. 

How to choose a billiard dining table?

If you want a pool table that can also be used as a normal dining table or as a piece of furniture in the living room, in the living room or in a study, you can choose from different models of dining table billiards, available in various sizes and styles. To find the most suitable pool table for your specific needs you will need to consider some aspects: 

  • the space available: the pool table must be placed in a room that has enough space to hold the table and to allow the game. Before purchasing it, make sure that the room in which you would like to place the pool table is large enough for players to handle the cues and move around the table freely. In general, better to place the table in an area well lit by natural light during the day and with good lighting even in the evening hours; 
  • materials with which it is made: each billiard table stands out for its specific characteristics and for the use of certain materials. Before choosing a dining pool table, make sure that it is made of top quality materials and that it can guarantee optimal gaming performance; 
  • your preferences in terms of style and design: on the market you can find different types of dining pool tables: pool tables with clean and refined lines, ideal for classic environments, or design billiard tables with the most modern lines, perfect in minimal environments or contemporary style. In this case you will have to choose according to your tastes and the style of your home (or the environment in which the table will be placed) and other furniture items. 

Which billiard dining tables does Cavicchi offer?

Biliardi Cavicchi offers several lines of dining tables, entirely designed and handcrafted in Italy respecting precise quality standards. All Cavicchi billiard tables are finished with the utmost care and ensure high-level gaming performance. Among the various collections of transformable pool tables you can find: 

  • Exclusive pool tables, made with fine and refined materials and customizable according to customer needs, which can be transformed into dining tables or meetings with a unique design; 
  • Superior design pool tables, always handcrafted with carefully selected materials, ideal for elegant and refined environments; 
  • Starter Line pool tables high quality and attention to detail, combining functionality and design. In this line of billiard tables you can find models with clean lines and unique design, with an excellent quality. 

Do you need more information? 

For more information on pool dining tables or other products offered by Biliardi Cavicchi, contact us! Our staff is always at your disposal to advise you on the most suitable solutions for your needs.