Sporting Billiards Production

Despite the company Cavicchi the World Champion billiard has a diverse product catalog that offers various types of Made in Italy pool tables, undoubtedly remains the leader in the world in the sporting billiards production for all international customers, private or local owners.

Where to use the sports billiards?

Cavicchi billiard tables are the most used in the most important international tournaments, due to their structure technologically advanced and proven quality, ease of use. The sporting billiards production starts from the study of the precise parameters to make the pool tables perfectly in line with international regulations and standards: this allows the use of billiards in any race official. Nevertheless, the billiards sports can be made upon request of customers in different sizes to allow for adaptation to specific needs.

The benefits of buying a sports billiard

Customers around the world that have over the years turned to Cavicchi were always impressed by the timeliness of deliveries and the precision with which the experts of the company fail to respond to different needs. The Cavicchi billiards, along with all the fittings and accessories provided by the company, are made with advanced technology, which over the years have enabled a great success all over the world.

How takes place the production of sports billiards?

The sporting billiards production is cutting edge company Cavicchi, and first part of a precise design: the Centre for Studies and Projects allows you to enhance billiards materials and technologies to create more and more advanced and in line with market demands. The design of the pool tables allows a study in step with the times and the realization of billiards tailored pieces that are molded on the requests of many customers around the world that have given confidence to the company.

Information about the sporting billiards production?

If you are looking for more information about the sporting billiards high quality production made in Italy by Cavicchi, please contact us now by filling out the form in the Contacts section!