International Billiards without holes

Among the products of Cavicchi Billiards there are different types of tables including international billiards without holes and American pools. The company has long been famous in the world to be a leader in the design and implementation of billiards great quality and value, characterized by craftsmanship Made in Italy and an attention to detail that makes the billiards Cavicchia the most famous in the world.

How to play billiards without holes

The international billiards without holes are tables used to play all kinds of international billiards. Typically this type of pool are made three disciplines professional sports to international cue, flasks or carom. The billiards International without holes include the use of a reduced number of balls and are almost always a heated surface. The standard dimension for larger tables is generally 284 x 142cm, but it is also possible to obtain tables of reduced dimensions.

The services of Cavicchi Billiards

The offer of the company includes Cavicchi new billiards and pool tables also occasions used, all certificates and characterized by the highest professional level. The company not only takes care of the design and sale of pool tables made ​​entirely in Italy, but also a convenient and accurate installation and set-up service on the spot, or in the home of the customer, in every part of the world.

Where to put the billiards without holes

The international billiards without holes Cavicchi are homologated for racing and for the World Championships and are therefore a safe choice for fans of the sport. However, they can also serve as a refined and original piece of furniture for international customers who want to create a relaxing area within home, choosing a particular pool table and great quality that is perfectly integrated with the environment in which it is placed.

Insights on international billiards without holes?

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