Welcome to the World Billiards Cavicchi, below are some of the most common questions related to the game of billiards and our products. The Cavicchi team is available for further information or further insight. 

Billiard cues on offer

In Cavicchi's online shop, "the world champion billiard", you can find bargains and commercial billiards on offer this month, some billiards used, as well as show billiards, bill...

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Billiard balls on offer

Cavicchi's billiard balls on offer are available through a wide range of billiards based on game disciplines and size. Essential for good gaming performance both for professional...

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Billiard for sporting competitions

Cavicchi, the industry leader in Billiards for sporting competitions, offers a diverse catalog of pool tables and accessories for gaming halls and private customers.

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Transformable billiards

Cavicchi, leader company in the production of luxury billiard tables, offers a line of billiards that can be transformed into a table, with unique and exclusive design created fo...

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Billiards without holes

The Cavicchi Billiards company deals with the production of luxury billiard tables of any kind, designed and built with attention to details and quality of the materials. Among t...

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Prices billiard tables

The Italian company Cavicchi, leader in the production of billiards, proposes different lines of tables, each with special characteristics of shape, structure and price, so that ...

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Modern billiard tables

Cavicchi Billiards, Italian company leader in the production of billiards, proposes a wide range of modern billiard tables, made with cutting-edge and precision technologies, ele...

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How much does a billiard cost?

For the game of billiards passionate, Cavicchi proposes a wide range of tables in different sizes and styles. From classic and elegant billiards to commercial and sporting billia...

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Billiards factory

The billiard is a game with very ancient origins that today is also practiced in sports tournaments and championships. In Italy, the Cavicchi billiards factory proposes different...

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