Welcome to the World Billiards Cavicchi, below are some of the most common questions related to the game of billiards and our products. The Cavicchi team is available for further information or further insight. 

Home billiard table

The production of billiard tables requires mastery and precision and the Italian Cavicchi company has always been specialized in creating high quality billiards. The production, ...

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Custom billiards

Cavicchi Billiards proposes a wide range of billiard tables which are excellence of Made in Italy production. The billiards meet the needs of every customer, by passionate to poo...

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Custom billiard tables

The Italian company Cavicchi starts his activity in 1938 with the production of professional and sporting billiards. Then the production is expanded and now Cavicchi proposes als...

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Billiard tables production

The Cavicchi Billiards company has a long history in billiard tables production, started in 1938 in Italy and then passed down from father to son until today. Currently, the bill...

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Production of billiards without holes

Production of billiards without holes, a service of the renowned company Billiards Cavicchi, leader in the sale and manufacture of luxury pool tables. The billiards without holes...

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Production billiards narrow holes

Billiard Cavicchi is a benchmark in the production of billiards with narrow holes, a type of pool table particularly liked and used by enthusiasts, especially in the late '80s.  ...

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Italian billiards production

The production of Italian billiards is a particularly important activity of Billiards Cavicchi, thanks to which the company has established itself as a leader in its sector. The ...

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Promotion used billiards

If you are looking for promotions on used billiards, Cavicchi Billiards is precisely what it does for you! Cavicchi, in fact, proposed itself for the sale of billiards used in pr...

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Realization commercial billiards

Billiard Cavicchi is a leading company in the realization of commercial billiards, which are characterized on the market compared to other types of billiards, thanks to their mod...

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