Klimt Gold Leaf chanderlier

Chandelier for billiards with Gustav Klimt gold leaves

The Klimt Gold Leaf chanderlier is a suspension lamp that Cavicchi achieved in conjunction with the Klimt Gold Leaf billiard.
The chandelier, as the pool of the same line, it is a unique object denoting the attention to detail that the Cavicchi billiard reserve to each of his creations.

Characteristics Technology Chandelier

The Techology Chandelier ensures an equal lighting on the whole playfield without creating any shadows or darker area.
Due to a special Led panel, players eyes will not be dazzled, allowing a concentrated and undisturbed game.


Standard Dimension
Lenght: 200 cm 
Width: 52 cm 


Russian Pyramid
Lenght: 290 cm 
Width: 52 cm