30 November 2015

Andrea Quarta is the winner of the 2nd Round of the B.T.P 2015-2016

In the Second Round of the B.T.P 2015 - 2016 played in the Casinò of Saint Vincent in Sanremo, win on our International Billiard CAVICCHI EVOLUTION LED the Champion Andrea Quarta icon and most representative of international professional billiard.

The  Puglia Champion was dominant from the quarter-finals by eliminating with net 3-1 Rossano Rossetti and then in the semifinals against the young and new World Champion in charge Matthew Gualemi with a 3-0.

Giovanni Muro opponent in the finals of 2nd leg BTP after eliminating Crocefisso Maggio in the quarter and subsequently Michelangelo Aniello in the semi-final, could not hold the rhythm of the talented Puglia Andrea Fourth that with a dominant 3-0 won the final and the 2nd Test BTP 2015-2016.