22 December 2014

CHRISTAMAS CLOSING From the 24 of December to the 6 of Genuary, Merry Christmas from the Cavicchi Architect and his Staff.

"The 2014 was a year full of news and professional achievements for the Cavicchi team.
The many achievements were the result of a fruitful inside collaboration inside;
But what interested me more in these  Feast Days is to speak directly to you very kind and loyal customers that we have chosen us all these years, giving us confidence and esteem.
You who supported us and stimulated with your many requests for customization bringing us to a constant and rewarding evolutionary growth, enlarging our vast and infinite choice of unique and inimitable billiards.

The real strength of the Cavicchi company, in fact, ARE YOU, you love the REAL billiards of quality, strictly CAVICCHI 100% Made in Italy.

It only remains to provide you my most sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Thanks and Thanks again"

Arch. Giancarlo Cavicchi