16 September 2015

CAVICCHI billiards Official billiards of the World Tournament 2015

The news was leaked late yesterday, recommended through and directly at the headquarters of billiards CAVICCHI and has spread very early in the major media and channels of communication.
The Italian Federation of Billiards Sports FIBIS after careful selection of candidates, both Italian and foreign selected CAVICCHI the billiards industry leader in the supply of billiards CAVICCHI Mod. EVOLUTION LED professional gaming as a tool to be used during the finals of the RAI TV WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2015.
This awaited event from all over the world of billiards sports will take place in Milan September 17 to 27 with preliminary stages OPEN at PalaCus Idroscalo where they will be installed n° 24 billiards; while at the AUDITORIUM TESTORI Piazza di Lombardia City 1 will be installed billiards thr Exclusive CAVICCHI Mod. EVOLUTION LEDs that will be used for the finals and final of the World Championship. 
On site will be naturally present in force means television RAI TV in addition to all the most important figures in the world of sports, entertainment and politics Italian.
The wait for this world tournament by the players is spasmodic and exciting and the demonstration is tangible and verifiable by accession and the number of subscribers to this world championship that starts with a test OPEN seeing perform about 1200 players.
All big of the cue world will attend the event and will perform for the joy and satisfaction of all the fans and amateurs of billiards sport.