A Billiard is Forever, Interview to Giancarlo Cavicchi.

Was widespread in bars, clubs and oratories. Today populates hotels and luxury homes. And became an object of design. We spoke with him who care realizations of design.

Un biliardo è per sempre , intervista all’Arch. Giancarlo Cavicchi

A Billiard is Forever, Interview to Giancarlo Cavicchi.

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Was widespread in bars, clubs and oratories. Today populates hotels and luxury homes. And became an object of design. We spoke with him who care realizations of design.

How has it changed the market for billiards since the postwar period?

"The boom there was in the sixties and seventies, when the billiard come in bars, clubs and sports clubs in all countries. The passion for the game is spreading like wildfire and the pool becomes a sport, regulated and recognized by CONI and consecrated by the birth of the Italian Federation of Billiards Sports (FIBIS). The effect on production is immediate: billiards come to market with heating systems to facilitate maximum smoothness of the balls and the quality of the game, and only those companies that invest in technology and skilled labor are riding high . Then, since the nineties, many exercises are forced to reduce public spaces to limit costs and to give up billiards, too bulky and not very profitable, to promote the integration of video poker machines, slot machines and the like. Result? Today the spread of billiards in public places and it ''s very resized; but luckily for us there and producers' was a strong increase in demand and the pool in private homes, where the pool and 'become a real "complement of design and image", no more' considered only as an object of entertainment from game room to be placed in a housing recovery as a cellar-garage -Taverna; but more and more 'often focused on priority areas and exclusive luxury; where design made in Italy and 'more and more' popular and appreciated abroad.

Un biliardo è per sempre , intervista all’Arch. Giancarlo Cavicchi

What is the CAVICCHI billiards recipe  to combat the crisis on the Italian market?

The first thing that I think is common to every businessman, is to have TRUST and Blindly BELIEVE in Own Jobs, and never stop to conveying its resources on innovation, professional design, and so a lot of quality.     
At CAVICCHI billiards we have Powered and renewed machinery and sheds in the crisis time limiting the resources directed to sports activity, to focus heavily on the furnishing sector and luxury pool design, perfectly convertible into a dining table and meetings, resulting the article than rush the Italian Market.           
And we are not afraid to dare, tackling projects more daring, as the inclusion of precious stones or finishes in gold leaf or silver, fine leathers or mother of pearl, in contrast with technological materials such as steel, glass, resins, corian. We also guarantee customization and real "unique" realizations  which reflect in all respects the needs of the customer.
Think about that for different CAVICCHI billiards executive Projects  of the Exclusive category we have an executive constraint agreement "copyright" with our customers.     

What is your professional Dream?

It's an Utopia more than a dream, work on a single project each time, supported by valid personal, knowledgeable, helpful and love as me the billiards and their work, with the ambition to create new and exciting billiards projects that will be appreciated and judged in the world design, as real "artistic design sculptures".

Which are the most popular billiards in Italy ?

Viewed the difficult economic times we are living in our country, it is natural to find living spaces increasingly downsized and thus the inclusion of billiards in this context must be able to transform and evolve into more functions, so not only ludic and rewarding in style; but also practical and useful as the perfect transformation into a billiard table Lunch - Meeting.

At CAVICCHI billiards we have invested heavily in this study and transformation project of the billiard, bringing to the market the  first prototypes and inventions of transformation already in the late eighties years; but the drawings and sketches born from my "pencil", were present on my student drawing board years before, when the billiard-table was still an element not conceived in the design market.

This transformation element perfectly connects with the whole Italian need to use billiards in most functions, where, however, remains crucial a  refined design, the custom finishes in lacquers like pearly, white or shiny black polyester; or the application of precious woods such as Makassar Ebony, the Zebrano or White Oak etc ....
Very popular is also our proposal to pool / table meetings for hotels and businesses that we can customize with the corporate brand.

Enhance exports, and new more receptive markets, especially in the luxury sector; where we believe the Brand “ CAVICCHI 100% Made in Italy “ might encounter strong interest.
As already we have found in the last 4-5 years of success, although clashing with all the logistical and bureaucratic that I do not want to talk but I think common to many companies and prestigious Italian artisan, that if helped and incentives, could export an inestimable patrimony in the World:

Here in Italy we do not have oil, gas or diamonds mining; but possess ESTRO and GENIUS that stimulate a manual, that the whole world admires and envies, and which are the real wealth and the heritage of Italy. 


There are many famous customers who have come to the billiard CAVICCHI, both in Italy and abroad; but any attempt to learn more falls on deaf ears.
"I would never dare to make names for respect for them; even for the same reason I never even asked for an autograph " tells the Arch. Cavicchi which concludes: "My ideal client is anyone looking in  CAVICCHI billiards  the realization of their guy dream: owning a fabulous Exclusive " CAVICCHI 100% MADE IN ITALY" Pool billiard in their own home.