Luxury Billiards Sales

The company Cavicchi is the most famous brand in the world not only linked to the production of billiard tables but also to the luxury billiards sales; real unique pieces for clients around the world who recognize the quality of products Made in Italy, the exclusivity of our products and want to decorate the rooms of the house with great style and sophistication.

Cavicchi for years is dealing with the production of sporting billiards, but now realizes lines dedicated to the luxury billiards sales, perfect to meet the needs of enthusiasts worldwide who require exclusive pieces for decorating high-value, sophistication and high level aesthetic.

Billiard has always been one of the most popular games from around the world, a pastime that arouses great fun and passion. The fans know how to recognize a billiard table that is also of great refinement, and definitely prefer a product that will bring out great value from the point of view of quality and aesthetics, even better with the security of which the Made in Italy production is always a guarantee.

Cavicchi billiards are tables for playing billiards characterized by the highest professional level, created by the company to offer its customers a unique product in the aspect of quality of materials and the refinement of the design. The company not only takes care of the production and sale of pool tables in the world but also the service assembly and staging in the house directly to the customer.

The decision to pursue the luxury billiards sales for the company Cavicchi means to meet the needs of international customers who seek tables that are synonymous with elegance and functionality, which can be inserted in any context and environment, binding to any decor.

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