Design Billiards Production

The company Cavicchi deals with the production and sale of pool tables, and has been developing a line dedicated specifically to the design billiards production of high-level, for the most exclusive customers from all over the world.

Cavicchi billiards are tables for playing billiards at the highest level, but despite the great quality that has always characterized every table brand Cavicchi, the company has decided to devote special attention to the design billiards production, which can guarantee a modern furniture and especially for international customers accustomed to furnish with attention to aesthetics and uniqueness of the pieces. The company not only takes care of the production and sale of pool tables but guarantees the customer a full service installation and equipment directly, anywhere in the world.

The company Cavicchi works with a specialized studies and projects center to produce high-quality billiards and, why not, even aesthetic. Cavicchi billiards are perfect for decorating homes with modern design and detail and to enrich refined and elegant. Each pool is manufactured in Italy so completely handmade with Italian quality, and can be custom designed and tailor-made according to customer's specific requirements.

The design billiards production is one of the spearheads of the company Cavicchi, which produces tables made ​​entirely in Italy with finishes and customizable features. The line of pool tables design is now one of the most popular because it allows you to have a billiard not only for gaming and personal relaxation but also to have an important and unique piece of furniture, suitable for the most modern houses.

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