Exclusive Pool Tables

Cavicchi has long been synonymous with the production of exclusive pool tables to meet the needs of an international clientele passionate and experienced that it is looking for tables functional, elegant and of high value, which can enhance the environments in which they are inserted and adapt to different furnishings.

Cavicchi is not concerned with the simple realization of billiards but has specialized in the production and sale of exclusive pool tables, pieces of furniture of great taste and refinement made ​​with the best raw materials and manufactured entirely in Italy. The attention to detail and craftsmanship of each particular are testimony of the products, which demonstrate all the attention and the loftiness of Made in Italy products.

Cavicchi pool tables can also be a component of personal and particular furniture, specially created according to the worldwide customer's requirements, with finishes and customizations that because of their variety and breadth of choice can be almost endless.

Throughout the world the pool is one of the games most played and loved; enthusiasts prefer billiards pool tables that are also unique pieces of great elegance, and certainly choose a product that will bring out its great value in every detail.

Cavicchi not involved in the production of simple billiard tables but chose to specialize in the production and sale of exclusive pool tables to meet the needs of customers around the world who need tables synonymous with elegance and functionality, but with a large versatility, to be perfect in every context and environment.

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