American Billiards Pool

Cavicchi sporting billiards are the original Made in Italy tables being used in the most important international tournaments and the catalog also includes the American billiards pool. A careful study of the parameters and standards allow the use of the billiard Cavicchi not only within the premises or private homes but also for competition in all official competitions.

Cavicchi American billiards pool are part of a specific specialty billiards which owes its name to its origin; In fact, the American billiards was born and developed in North America and became famous in a short time all over the world. This specialty is played on a table with holes large double those of other specialties, and using sixteen balls, one white and colored and numbered fifteen.

American billiards pool offered by the company Cavicchi comply with international characteristics also used materials: the tables are in fact made of a specific cloth surface that is rougher than other ones, and a slate with a thickness smaller than the other. The company is also in charge of the construction and supply, for customers around the world, of all the accessories needed for the equipment and, if necessary, any replacement parts.

The production of high quality sporting billiard Cavicchi Billiards allowed to become a point of reference in the world for sporting billiard tables, thanks to the recognition of many sports federations; the high performance gaming tables guaranteed by Cavicchi allow the use of American billiards and pool billiards sport of all sports events from around the world.

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