Billiard-table Furnishings

The company Cavicchi for years has been a leader in the production of high quality billiard tables, which for their value and refined design are not only used for their sports function, but are billiard-table furnishings suited to the embellishment of the homes of clients around the world. The pool tables are real pieces of design suitable to furnish the most exclusive homes.

The billiard-table furnishings are treated, refined and finished in every detail, created in a position to meet the demands of a demanding international clientele that needs to furnish homes with great style and sophisticated design. Cavicchi billiard-table furnishings are considered by the experts of the highest level to date and are chosen to decorate luxury homes around the world.

The company's customers can rely on the realization of Cavicchi billiard tables tailored to the available sizes and specific needs, and then to have a custom pool that furniture with style and originality. In addition to the excellence of the product the company also provides a service that follows the installation and construction of the pool directly in the customer's home.

The billiard-table furnishings are designed to be placed in private environments as components in custom furniture exclusive character, perfect for those who want to decorate with a particular taste and personal; care of the aesthetics but should not be to neglect the characteristics that guarantee a pool table from the excellent sports performance, the same ones that make Cavicchi sporting billiards the most famous in the world.

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