Exclusive Billiard Accessories

The company Cavicchi not only takes care of the production of Made in Italy high quality billiard tables, famous all over the world, but also provides its customers with exclusive billiard accessories and all necessary equipment to take advantage of the potential of billiards.

The exclusive billiard accessories are dedicated to those who choose a pool table, high quality, such as those proposed by the dowels. The equipment for billiards are needed for local owners around the world who want to make available to customers the best playing conditions and for individuals who wish to receive at home is not only the pool table but also all accessories for use it to the fullest.

Cavicchi exclusive billiard accessories are, for example, in addition to the allocation of balls and cues, the door slats, custom chandeliers sheaths for the slats. Other important accessories for billiards are those dedicated to the cleaning of the slats (leather, chalk and talc), brushes, triangles, accessories for cleaning the pool as sprays and creams, for the maintenance of billiard accessories such as rubber, cloth and kits reconstruction of the cloth. Any accessory can be obtained from the company, which will satisfy the customer's request as soon as possible.

It’s important to choose a pool table as well as quality is essential to take care of with the right accessories, so that always offer the best performance and is not affected by the passage of time.

>The exclusive billiard accessories offered by Cavicchi are the guarantee of being able to devote to the game of billiards in the best conditions, with quality equipment that is entirely manufactured and handcrafted in Italy and comes directly from the company for all international customers.

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