Billiards Made in Italy

In the list of the most practiced sports games and loved around the world billiards certainly occupies a prominent position; fans around the world know very well that the billiards Made in Italy are certainly the most popular and well-known in terms of high quality. The international clientele recognizes the top level with regard to the peculiarities of craft production and originality.

Cavicchi for years has been engaged in the manufacture of billiard tables providing its worldwide customers precision and attention to detail that can be found only in billiards Made in Italy. The company takes care to ensure that production of billiards Italian real pieces that are unique in that they tailor-made according to the tastes and preferences of customers, with the guarantee of a quality approved and certified.

Cavicchi billiard tables are the perfect solution for those who want to dedicate a room in the house to relax and treating yourself to a billiard Made in Italy quality, which then becomes part of the furniture. They are also an excellent idea for the owners of bars and clubs that want to give their customers a healthy and enjoyable pastime, which for years has been one of the most popular games ever.

The billiards Made in Italy designed and manufactured by the dowels are the ultimate expression of Italian craftsmanship, quality: all the materials of the tables are sophisticated and customizable, to provide customers with an international object tailored to the needs, which is great example of the Italian luxury. The company also offers a service of installation and setup of the pool in the comfort of home or the location of the customer, and respond to any needs.

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